Project Description

Kyra Koons, of Raleigh, NC, recently graduated from Enloe High School where she was very involved in her school’s soccer and tennis teams. She was also involved in the Spanish club, mock trial, and visual art. Kyra is very passionate about sports, visual art, and language learning.

Kyra wants to take a gap year to “explore ideas and service opportunities that [she] might otherwise not have had exposure to.” With this, she also intends to become fluent in Spanish by the end of her Gap Year and work with organizations that cater to her passions in Spanish, sports, and visual art. Kyra hopes to use her Spanish language and literacy skills in the world of business at Carolina and beyond. If given the opportunity to go abroad, Kyra would love to go to Spain or Italy. Kyra is excited about this opportunity to “transition from a narrow ‘field-of-view’ into a broader perspective to grow into the role of an active member of [her] community.”

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