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The following post was written by Global Gap Year Fellow, Rhenna Hatton.

A list of memories, things I’ve learned, or things I’m grateful for, or a combination of all three:

  1. Had breakfast at a bakery with my mom and brother before I left for the airport in September.

  2. Discovered that the botanical garden and four different grocery stores were within walking distance.

  3. Found graffiti art of an Amongus character dressed as Elon Musk, titled: Elon Susk.

  4. Learned that being surrounded by plants makes any location feel like home.

  5. Walked through two different parks every day to get to work.

  6. Sat on the rooftop every time the weather was nice.

  7. Participated in a cultural potluck with people from six different countries.

  8. Found that the sun looks good on everyone’s face.

  9. Learned that Laura will stop and pet every stray cat she finds.

  10. Went to a Baltic Drag King night at Möku.

  11. Discovered the joy of discovering a new place.

  12. Reached over 100 hours in my favorite video game.

  13. Found that you can learn so much about a person by going to the grocery store with them.

  14. Went to Riga and snuck out of two-hour walking tour.

  15. Said goodbye a lot.

  16. Went to Poland for a week with nine Ukranians, a German, a Czech, and a Moldovan.

  17. Kayaked 14 km along a river that runs through three different countries.

  18. Learned that Polish people love their cake.

  19. Learned that I love beetroots.

  20. Discovered that yellow roses suit Laura the best.

  21. Had the joy of finding so many cats in Estonian windows.

  22. Visited the only mountain in Estonia, made of oil shale ash.

  23. Touched the Baltic sea and sailed across it too.

  24. Found that the best way to learn a city is to just walk through it.

  25. Learned that cooking is always better than eating out unless it’s Indian food.

  26. Visited the most beautiful bird watching sanctuary in a park an hour outside of Helsinki.

  27. Tried and subsequently loved a fig and chocolate cake.

  28. Spent 80€ on transportation when I only needed to spend 40€.

  29. Discovered the prettiest cathedral ruins at the top of a hill.

  30. Made jewelry for the first time ever.

  31. Played more Just Dance than ever in my entire life.

  32. Felt like a little girl at a sleepover with her friends again.

  33. Learned how to make a cappuccino.

  34. Found a thrift store with four large poodles (not for sale).

  35. Got a septum piercing.

  36. Made curry for my friends.

  37. Found that Gijs sees the world most beautifully.

  38. Decorated a hostel for Halloween.

  39. Introduced Rocky Horror Picture show to a bunch of Estonians and a Latvian (they loved it).

  40. Led a webinar of over 100 people from over 18 different countries on biodiversity and renewable energy solutions.

  41. Learned that I have a pretty solid Australian accent (confirmed).

  42. Had sriracha eggs on toast that reminded me of home.

  43. Spent so many amazing days hanging out in the hostel with Sasha.

  44. Saw my first Christmas tree of the season on November 5.

  45. Wrote my first every published article.

  46. Participated in the initial organization of a 400k € EU funded youth climate anxieties project.

  47. Stayed in a 650 year-old hotel for free.

  48. Made a taco dinner for 10 of my friends with glögi and cake for dessert.

  49. Thrifted the cutest sweater.

  50. Saw snow!!

  51. Focused on my happiness and wellbeing.

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