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The faculty, staff, and students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill serve North Carolina, the United States, and the globe through teaching, research, and public service, commitments that stem from Carolina’s mission as the nation’s first public university. UNC promotes this academic and civic engagement through an emphasis on global education, and UNC students are uniquely adept at blending these dual missions into their educational experience.

UNC Global is responsible for executing Carolina’s objective to infuse a global dimension throughout the University’s teaching, research and service activities, to deepen and broaden UNC’s worldwide reach, and to enhance its global visibility. It offers a broad range of global civic engagement programs. Students are encouraged to pursue a global education through study abroad, internships and other experiential learning opportunities. On campus, they have access to lectures on global issues by some of the world’s leading voices, as well as cultural programming and other activities that offer diverse perspectives and help prepare students to live in an increasingly interconnected world.

For example, UNC Global sponsors the student-run publication Carolina Passport, which connects the entire Carolina community to our students’ global experiences. It’s also full of incredible photography and stories.

The Campus Y strives to support the work of UNC Global and UNC’s commitment to integrated academics and engaged learning. To that end, the Campus Y helps fulfill UNC’s academic plan by offering opportunities for learning beyond the boundaries of a classroom or a single discipline.

Because UNC strives to produce graduates with the skills to solve our world’s most pressing problems, the Global Gap Year Fellowship holds an important place in fulfilling the university mission. This Fellowship gives students the opportunity to enhance their life skills, acquire respect for a diversity of cultures, and develop an understanding of what it means to be global citizens. Not only do Fellows get a one-year head start on fulfilling these goals, but they serve as campus leaders who represent and promote global learning at UNC.