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The Campus Y is committed to recognizing and integrating the important work of our Global Gap Year Fellows in the UNC campus community.

When Fellows return to UNC, they continue to develop the interests and skills that they gained abroad in their coursework. In addition, the Campus Y offers unique resources for returning Global Gap Year Fellows. The GGYF Program Coordinator provides mentoring and advising, and connects Fellows with faculty advisors in their field of interest. We strive to enrich their experiences at UNC by encouraging Fellows to collaborate with campus organizations and by fostering opportunities for reflection on and evaluation of their gap year abroad.

Gap year veterans are more mature and motivated after they enter college than they otherwise may have been, and they have developed life skills that give them competitive career advantages. See what our Fellows our doing here.


Re-Entry is different for everyone. You will come back to school with new friends and real-world experiences that will aid you in your personal and academic experiences at UNC. Campus Y staff will mentor and connect you to faculty advisors. In addition, returning Fellows attend a weekend-long retreat organized by former GGY Fellows and the Fellowship Coordinator. This retreat brings together your gap year cohort with a few senior Fellows to reflect upon and process your experiences. In addition, the retreat builds a new peer group based on this shared year abroad. The Campus Y also hosts a “welcome back” dinner during the fall, another example of the re-entry activities that occur during the Fellow’s first semester back on the UNC campus.