****Global Citizen Year will not be running their program during 2021-2022 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The only option for Global Gap Year Fellows will be Path 1: Design Your Gap Year****

A gap year is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for any student. Within UNC’s Global Gap Year Fellowship, there are two unique gap year paths: take a self-designed gap year, or join the Global Citizen Year program. Both types of gap years have a lot in common. They offer unparalleled learning, global immersion, and adventure, along with the same amount of funding and support from UNC. The differences in opportunities and outcomes of each path are dependent on the individual Fellow and their experience.

On your application, you will be asked to indicate which of the two paths you are interested in pursuing. That said, this indication is not binding. You will have plenty of time in March and April to speak with current UNC students who have done both paths, consult with GGYF and Global Citizen Year staff, and confer with your family before making a final decision. Selected Fellows will be asked to decide by early May which track they will pursue.

Choose your pathway*

Path 1: Design Your Gap Year

The Global Gap Year Fellowship (GGYF) at UNC-Chapel Hill allows selected students to  self-design their gap year and empowers fellows to create their own uniquely valuable life experiences. Fellows can construct the learning agenda that best suits them by choosing the projects they will undertake and the communities they will visit or by participating in an already designed program. The Global Gap Year Fellowship is an ($8,000) award to be used towards all Gap Year related expenses. Previous fellows have successfully completed a Gap Year without exceeding their stipends.

Path 2: Join Global Citizen Year as a Global Gap Year Fellow

Each year Global Citizen Year recruits and trains a diverse corps of 150+ talented high school graduates from around the world and supports them through a deep immersion experience in a community in Brazil, Ecuador, India or Senegal. The 8-month Fellowship features a home stay with a local family, a hands-on apprenticeship with a social sector organization, and intensive language training. With on-the-ground support from Global Citizen Year mentors, Fellows are never isolated, while retaining the freedom to create their own experience. Check out this video for more about Global Citizen Year. The Global Gap Year Fellowship covers half of Global Citizen Year’s tuition, and significant financial aid is available for the remaining $16,000 of tuition pending a review of your FAFSA.