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Georgia Morgan of Cary, North Carolina spent her gap year in South Africa, Morocco, and Italy. While in South Africa, Georgia volunteered with Scalabrini, a refugee and migrant center, as an “all-rounder” intern teaching in the Engish school, helping develop the UNITE program for South African Youth, facilitating digital literacy courses, and helping clients apply for specific permits. After completing her placement in South Africa, Georgia traveled to Morocco to serve with Dar Si Hmad where she led excursions to visit fog nets, administered and facilitated a new session with RISE, and pursued her own independent project of interviewing/photographing the “behind the scenes heroes” of Dar Si Hmad.

At UNC, Georgia is studying Public Policy and Sustainable Planning/Development. She is an Advocate for CEF and Global Programs Assistant for Campus Y’s Global Office. She hopes to go abroad again and work in a career related to environmental justice and city planning/ development. Her gap year has taught her to explore opportunities where there is more depth than breadth to the work and service.

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