If you could dedicate a year between your sophomore and junior years to do public service anywhere in the world, where would you go? What would you do?

The second Global Gap Year Bridge Year Fellowship will be awarded this spring to a second semester sophomore who will take a year away from UNC to engage in international service before returning in Fall 2019. At this time we will only be funding one Fellow, but may be able to fund more in subsequent years. This Fellowship is offered in partnership with the Meantime Coffee Co.

Why Take a Bridge Year?

From exploring interests in the real world to learning how to quickly adapt to new environments, Fellows return to college with life lessons that leave them better prepared to take full advantage of their undergraduate careers. Experiential learning through traveling, working and engaging in service allows students to develop skills that a classroom cannot provide.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Students must be current sophomores in good academic standing at UNC to apply. Successful applicants will demonstrate maturity, flexibility, a strong desire to explore new cultures, and a commitment to public service. Previous travel experience is not required.

Students who may be traditionally underrepresented in global engagement are encouraged to apply. This includes (but is not limited to) students of color, first-generation students, students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and students from rural locations.

More About the Fellowship

Selected Fellows will join the Global Gap Year cohort by attending GO! Global Orientation (April 14) and participating in the 2-week Summer Institute in July 2018. Fellows will also be encouraged to attend the Re-Entry Retreat with the Global Gap Year Fellows in the Fall of 2019.

How Do I Apply?

Apply  for the Bridge Year Fellowship here!

Bridge Year Timeline

Dates subject to change.

  • December 15: Application opens.
  • January 31: Deadline to submit your online application for the Fellowship at globalgap.unc.edu.
  • February 9: Finalists are notified and participate in an interview round from Feb. 12 - Feb. 21.
  • February 28: Finalists are notified of final decisions.
  • April 14: Fellows attend GO! Orientation with the Global Gap Year finalists.
  • July: Fellows attend a Summer Institute at UNC with the Global Gap Year cohort to learn about global engagement and finish their Bridge Year proposals... before embarking on their adventure abroad!
  • Bridge year! At least 6 months of service abroad.
  • September: Return to UNC for your junior year and attend a Re-entry retreat with the Global Gap Year cohort.

If you have any questions, please email unccampusyglobal@gmail.com or call Sarah Smith at 919-962-4506.