Program Benefits

  • Mentoring and advising: Campus Y staff and students mentor Fellows before, during, and after the Gap Year
  • Connecting with faculty: The Y helps returning Fellows bring their gap year experience home, for example introducing them to professors in their field of interest who can help create a plan for coursework or independent research.
  • Peer support network: The student organization Gap Year People (GAPPL) provides support and recreational activities for returning gap year students, helping them reflect on their experiences and easing their transition back to UNC and the rigors of college life.
  • Connecting to a global service community: Because we strongly believe in the connection between the local and global, the Campus Y helps Fellows apply their gap year experiences to local service initiatives.

To qualify for and receive a GGYF, students will need to:

  • First, apply for admission by the early action deadline of October 15 and comply with all actions required by the Admissions Office (midyear grades submission, responding to all inquiries from the Admissions Office).
  • If selected as a GGYF, students will then enroll in the University and complete any post-admittance steps required by the Admissions Office (submission of community standards form, etc.).
  • Then, students will apply for a one-year deferral from the Admissions Office and commit to enrolling at UNC in the fall after the gap year is completed.

Before, during, and after the gap year, Fellows will be required to:

  • Complete Pre-Departure Checklist
  • Secure approval of their Global Gap Year Proposal
  • Submit blog posts and photos
  • Coordinate a monthly check-in with Global Gap Year Coordinator
  • Compose a Mid-Year Reflection and Proposal Update, complete with budget
  • Attend a Re-Entry Retreat upon returning to UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Create a Global Gap Year Presentation