The following post is from Kristen Lee, a 2014 Global Gap Year Fellow. UNC’s Global Gap Year Fellowship is housed in and staffed by the Campus Y. Find out more about the fellowship on our GGYF Facebook page!” 

With two weeks left, right now would be the perfect time for a blog post on the pre-goodbye. The aching pains and bittersweet vision of seeing my friends and family back home. But that’s where I get stuck. I am, well, home.

The pain of leaving southern Brazil will be greater than the pain I had felt when I left Chapel Hill. I’m leaving a project unfinished. A great work of art, and I had only seen a corner of it. A family tree, and I have only sat beneath her shade. It may have been the life Brazil has shown me, or it might have been the intense unknown that has fostered my glowing fire and love for Brazil.

I don’t believe in time anymore. Only […]