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Post-Gap Year Blog

August 11, 2014

by Danny Hage I’ve been somewhat reluctant to write this final gap year post. Reluctant not because I don’t want to write down my thoughts, but more because I don’t know what to write about. And to be honest, I … Read more

Why #firstworldproblems Shouldn’t Exist

April 27, 2014

You’ve all seen it. Facebook memes sporting “#firstworldproblems” to poke fun at the trivial complaints and nuances people in the “first world” express. Or to further stress the matter of “first worlders” taking everything for granted.  “I hate when the … Read more

Thai Language: Logic and Insight into Thai Culture

April 27, 2014

Travelling halfway across the world to a region of tonal languages, I was daunted by my complete unfamiliarity of the Thai language concerning tones, script, and that I only knew how to say one word. But four months later, I … Read more

Summer Camp

March 29, 2014

As I mentioned in one of my more recent posts, the Burmese Refugee Project would be starting a summer camp for the Shan refugees engaged in our after school English tutoring program. This past Monday marked DAY ONE. In total, … Read more


March 29, 2014

At the beginning of March, I left Thailand for Cambodia. My two month tourist visa was close to expiration, so I had to buy another one. The first five days of my vacation I spent in Phnom Penh, the capital … Read more

An update from Pai

February 28, 2014

Not much has changed here in Pai other than the weather beginning to warm up and the air quality decreasing. It gets as hot as 97 degrees during the day as we’re entering hot season. And just to add a … Read more

My Students

February 4, 2014

 On Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Sunday mornings, I teach a class of ten students for an hour and a half, and Sunday lessons are always followed by a craft. Most of the students are nine and ten years old. Their … Read more