At the beginning of March, I left Thailand for Cambodia. My two month tourist visa was close to expiration, so I had to buy another one. The first five days of my vacation I spent in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Riding across the city in a taxi, I was scared for my life. Let me just say that I previously thought my experience with roads in Lebanon was uncomparable to any other country, but Phnom Penh proved me wrong. People were turning a two lane road into three lanes. But then you have to add three more imaginary, non-existent lanes for the motorbikes and tuk-tuks whizzing between cars.

Although it’s Cambodia’s biggest city, Phnom Penh has more of a big town feel with its lack of skyscrapers and compactness usually found in a city’s center. As a lone traveler, I wanted to tag along with some other backpackers […]