Current Fellows Snapshots

Danny Hage


Danny Hage is from Colfax, NC. On his gap year, Danny worked at a greenhouse in Ecuador and taught English at a refugee camp in Thailand. He believes that living alone abroad taught him the skills he needed to get involved on campus right away– Danny has been president of Global Circle at the Campus Y and won a Foreign Language and Area Studies award to study Arabic in Jordan. He is currently spending his year studying abroad in France and Thailand.

Anna Brodmerkel


Anna Brodmerkel, Class of 2018, Greece

I have seen the miracle of life, the cruelness of death, and the struggles the Loggerhead faces. During my time in Kefalonia, I saved a turtle flipped over on its carapace (shell), another we thought to be dead actually stuck halfway in the nest, and a third crawling in the prickly shrubbery of the dunes. I have also discovered a hatchling burned by the sun next to its nest, unable to make its way to the sea. Through various excavations (performed 7-10 days after no activity) we, the volunteers, have dug up nests with 27 dead hatchlings centimeters away from the surface. On the other hand, I have seen much more successful nests with only a few hatchlings who were unable to dig their way out. Each nest we excavate differs, but one thing is certain: there will be life, and there will be […]