Project Description

Tushar Varma completed his second year at UNC-Chapel Hill and intends to graduate in 2023 from the Hussman School of Journalism & Media with a degree in Advertising/Public Relations, and with minors in Anthropology and Studio Art. During the first half of his Carolina experience, Tushar was heavily engaged with the Carolina International Relations Association, a nonprofit organization with a focus on spreading educational opportunities regarding international politics and engagement to high-school and college students. Tushar has also been working closely with CUBE, a social entrepreneurship innovator housed in the Campus Y. In his free time, Tushar is usually painting or learning about a new creative platform.

Tushar is passionate about equality in youth education and wants to explore this while abroad. During his Bridge Year, Tushar plans on volunteering organizations that help him better understand the world outside of what he is comfortable with, rekindling interest in old hobbies, and trying to do something new every day.

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