Project Description

Talpha Sebrena Harris of Wilmington, NC, graduated from Isaac Bear Early College. She believes in changing the world through entrepreneurship. She explored sustainability and social enterprise with cocoa farmers in Ecuador and then volunteered for the social entrepreneurship program of a rehabilitation center in Jamaica.

Following this experience, Talpha has started her own business called Nikao Technology where she partners with local communities in Jamaica to help businesses improve technology. Her venture won a UNC Bryan Fellowship, a program of the Carolina Center for Public Service that is designed for aspiring social change-makers, during her first semester at Carolina.

Talpha graduated from UNC with a major in Sustainable Development a minor in Entrepreneurship. During her time at UNC, she was a Shuford Ambassador and received the Ida Hayes Excellence Award.

Talpha is now a Business Accelerator Associate at Venture for America. She is also a patent-pending business owner for