Project Description

Leah Simon of Chapel Hill graduated from Carrboro High School. Leah’s gap year took her to the Dominican Republic, Thailand, and Myanmar to teach English, India to work with Tibetan refugees and learn Reiki, and London and Israel to explore. During her first semester at UNC she has continued to volunteer her teaching skills with Campus Y committees like Enrich and HYPE, which tutor immigrants and children respectively.

During her time at UNC, Leah has been a part of Hillel Leadership, the Campus Y Steering Committee, Coalition of Awareness, Resilience and Solidarity, Electra Ultimate Frisbee Team, RCP Bridge Builders Program, and Outreach 360. Leah has continued expanding on her global experiences with the Advocates for Grassroots Development in Uganda internship, Onward Israel Summer Internship, GEF Summer Project in Thailand and Myanmar, and a Study Abroad Exchange at Boğaziçi University in the fall of her senior year.

Leah is a Global Studies major with minors in Geography and Medical Anthropology. Leah has numerous pending post-graduate careers including opportunities with Advance Access and Delivery Summer Internship, Onward Israel Social Justice and Diversity Internship, and AGRADU Internship with Northern Uganda Medical Mission. She is also a server at Sawasdee Thai Restaurant/Rasa Malaysia/Rasa Indi-Chinese.