Project Description

Jennifer Kang of Charlotte graduated from Providence High School where she was president of Model United Nation team, served in class council, volunteered as a technology tutor, and received the Junior Marshall Award. At UNC, Jennifer plans to double major in Computer Science (B.S) and Spanish Linguistic.

During her gap year, she travelled to Imbabura region, Ecuador through Global Citizen Year(GCY). There she stayed with a traditional Kichwa family in Cotacachi volunteering at Kichwa Radio Ilumán and Magazine Wiñay Kawsay. She wrote independent articles about other fellows’ experience and conducted a research(comprised of interviews and poll) about people’s perception of abortion and Ecuador’s abortion law and history. She created Shuk Llaktamanta Mashikuna podcast with another fellow exploring Kichwa culture and tradition by interviewing professionals and members of the community. The podcasts were aired in Radio Ilumán early months of 2020.

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