Project Description

Danny Hage is from Colfax, NC and graduated from UNC with a degree in Environmental Science. During his gap year, Danny traveled to Ecuador and Thailand. In Ecuador, he worked in a greenhouse to restore a local environment that had been destroyed over the past decade. In Thailand, he tutored stateless Shan Burmese refugees in English and started an outreach program to US-based universities that will advocate and fundraise on behalf of the refugees.

“I’d like to attribute where I am today to the GGYF and my gap year! From my work at the greenhouse in Ecuador, I developed a better understanding of the earth’s regenerative cycles in the context of how food waste is used to generate plant life. Now, I work in an industry that informs decision-making in the hopes of achieving a more circular economy, where waste is no longer waste, but rather can be used to create another product. My gap year experience itself has come full circle, and it truly laid the foundation for the type of thinking I engage in today.”

After his gap year, Danny continued his global education via studying abroad in Jordan and France, and conducted research in Thailand.

After graduation, Danny obtained a career as a Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability Analyst and continues to be an engaged climate activist.