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Worth a Story

November 30, 2016

This post was written by Quincy Godwin after his year as a Global Gap Year Fellow.  Sometimes you tell a story that sucks. It’s an inevitable scenario stimulated by the warm glow of a loose conversation that knows no boundaries: … Read more

How to Win Friends and Travel the World

March 29, 2016

by Not Dale Carnegie Well pretty much the exact opposite of Dale Carnegie. By an 18 year old kid traveling the world about as gracefully as a fish climbs a mountain – bravely (stupidly?) venturing where no fish, or any … Read more

Laughter During My Gap Year So Far

February 18, 2016

by Quincy Godwin They say what goes up must come down – my jokes disagree. They never land. *Confusion* But even when the sun was blotted from the sky by the cloud of my unlanded jokes – soaring high over … Read more


January 19, 2016

by Quincy Godwin Hinduism is a particularly charming way of explaining the way our heads are put together, and how our souls have found these bodies made of star corpses that we carry through the plane of existence with a … Read more

Finding Home in Tanzania

January 11, 2016

She stops in the doorway of the kitchen and breathes in the familiar odor of cut carrots and friendly things. She sits down to her work with a smile supporting her sun-darkened cheeks, the pressure of her eagerness bursting within … Read more

Better than Freebird

November 2, 2015

by Quincy Godwin If I awake before 8 am on a Saturday morning it usually means that I’m expecting an amusement park, a huge breakfast forged at the hand of a master (e.g. Dad), Dragonball reruns, or an equally pleasurable … Read more

Three Perfect Hours: A Night of Tanzanian Reggae

October 22, 2015

by Quincy Godwin Sometimes I find the things that actually happen to me a bit hard to believe. It’s pretty difficult to relay a course of events when the prose for such is too perfect, or similarly outlandish. My life … Read more