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Reflecting on My Time in Bolivia

by Logan Pratico

One question that I frequently found myself being asked over the past 7 months is ‘what is your favorite part about Bolivia?’ Most people, looking for a straight answer, are quite surprised (and maybe somewhat irritated) when I respond with an answer that can take most of 10 minutes.

But the truth is that there is no simple answer to this question. After 7 months of travel in Bolivia I have seen so many great places, talked to so many amazing people and had so many incredible experiences that it is impossible for me to limit my experience to just one thing. During my time in Bolivia the people that I worked with ranged from children to medicinal plant healers. The places that I traveled to ranged from salt flats to jungles to mountains. Each experience was undoubtedly as incredible as the last.

After experiencing a different culture with […]

Experiencing Bolivian Protests Firsthand

by Logan Pratico

Every country has witnessed protests at some point or the other, from protests at Tiananmen Square to the Berlin Wall Protests to The Occupy Wallstreet movement. It is clear that when the people aren’t satisfied with their government they are willing to protest. Bolivia is no exception.

In order to fully understand what is happening right now in Bolivia, some background needs to first be given on the current government. In 2005 Evo Morales was elected into office as the first president of Bolivia to come from an indigenous population. Throughout his term he has emphasized many social programs to combat illiteracy, sexism, racism, and poverty. In addition, in 2008 he created a new constitution which established Bolivia as a Plurinational state. Under the new constitution, a law was in place which stated that a president could serve two 5 year terms and then had to step down […]

What does it mean to be sustainable?

by Logan Pratico

One problem that many volunteers face in their placements is how to make their work sustainable.

Because many volunteers only come for short periods of time, many people struggle to find a way to make their impacts last after they leave. This is a problem that not only affects the volunteer but also the organization that they are working with, who typically do not receive the maximum amount of support that they could.

Finding a way to make projects sustainable after you leave is not always easy. Many volunteers have worked very hard at making their projects sustainable, only to find out that it completely falls apart after they leave. The best example of this lies in teaching English. In Cochabamba, there are several different non-profit organizations that are centered around helping less fortunate children throughout the city. When volunteers arrive at one of these organizations, the first thing […]

Focusing on the Good Moments

by Logan Pratico

Driving, driving, driving. Nothing but driving. After a cumulative total of 24 of the last 48 hours in the car my head ached, my stomach felt queasy, and all I could think about was stretching out in a nice warm bed. So far, my first trip to Salar de Uyuni had been really enjoyable, but I was starting to wish we hadn’t signed up for the ambitious three day tour and instead had just taken the one or two day tour and made it back to Cochabamba by Monday.

The other volunteers and I arrived at our lodging for the night, wanting nothing more than to get out of the bitter cold. Bundled in the thickest clothing that each of us had brought to Bolivia, we sprinted for the front door. However, upon entry we were disgruntled to find that their was no insulation and no heating, which […]

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This Is La Cancha

by Logan Pratico

Every day is a new adventure when you live in Bolivia. Whether its a 12 hour bus ride to Sucre with no AC and windows that won’t open, or simply a night out at dinner at Da Vinci Pizzeria (yes it is just as good, if not better than pizza back home), the days never fail to disappoint. However, the most interesting, and exhausting experience is without a doubt a trip to La Cancha, the third largest outdoor market in South America.

Located less then 10 minutes from my house, La Cancha is the one stop shop for everything. From computers to dried llama fetuses. But it is not a place that you want to go alone for your first time. Spanning 9 blocks by 8 blocks and filled to the brim with Bolivians, La Cancha might as well have a warning label that reads “You will get […]

Am I Ready for This?

by Logan Pratico

When my plane touched the ground in Cochabamba, Bolivia almost 3 weeks ago, my mind was a blender of emotion filled to the brim with both excitement and fear. Questions kept filling my head like “What did I get myself into?”; “What should I expect?”; and “Am I ready for this?” After all, only 4 short months ago I was a high schooler in a small town who had never traveled farther south than Texas.

As my mind further attempted to comprehend the fact that I was now living almost 4,000 miles away from home, I felt my stomach ache in anxiety. I could hear my mother’s words echoing in my head “If you ever want to come home, just call me, and we will get you on the next flight back to Chapel Hill.” Maybe living in Cochabamba wouldn’t turn out to be the awesome, unforgettable experience […]