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Growing up can be a delicate process. There are incidents from my childhood that I have yet to remember. There are these fundamental frames that have outlined every part of who I am – my two older brothers, my socio-economic class, my Asian-American heritage. There are words and phrases, body language and sole moments that I remember vividly – ones that have made an impression. And there are the invisible words and phrases that underlie the ones I remember, perhaps making a deeper impression. The core of me has been built upon a culminating of various moments, ones that have moved me, at whatever age, to become who I am now. And above that core, the  million more various moments impacting me to some degree.

When I chose to take a bridge year after high school, I was choosing to learn how to live a life I was proud […]

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measuring time.

The following post is from Kristen Lee, a 2014 Global Gap Year Fellow. UNC’s Global Gap Year Fellowship is housed in and staffed by the Campus Y. Find out more about the fellowship on our GGYF Facebook page!” 

With two weeks left, right now would be the perfect time for a blog post on the pre-goodbye. The aching pains and bittersweet vision of seeing my friends and family back home. But that’s where I get stuck. I am, well, home.

The pain of leaving southern Brazil will be greater than the pain I had felt when I left Chapel Hill. I’m leaving a project unfinished. A great work of art, and I had only seen a corner of it. A family tree, and I have only sat beneath her shade. It may have been the life Brazil has shown me, or it might have been the intense unknown that has fostered my glowing fire and love for Brazil.

I don’t believe in time anymore. Only […]

by the side of highway BR – 116

The following post is from Kristen Lee, a 2014 Global Gap Year Fellow. UNC’s Global Gap Year Fellowship is housed in and staffed by theCampus Y. Find out more about the fellowship on our GGYF Facebook page!

By the side of highway BR – 116, I pull open my rickety gate, careful to make as little noise as possible as not to wake my host family. As I step onto my street, the morning sun hits my face. I squint my eyes, blinded by white light. I avert my gaze to my right side, to my left side, to my right. I skirt around the casual dog dung and cast away brick in the road, hop over a puddle to the side walk, and smoothly return to the unpaved road as to avoid a broken side walk section.

After a block, I pass the boy with bleached hair whose family separates recycling with the baby […]

Growing a Passion

I carefully pull a feijão sprout out of its plastic birth carton. A fellow volunteer and I have already prepared its new home – a beautiful cozy hole. A home made of 3 parts regular soil and 1 part nutrient-rich compost. As Curitiba teases us with a few drops of rain, I settle the feijão into its new community. Its brothers and sisters live right next door – four of them in a straight line, all about a palm apart. We have three more species of feijão to plant next.

Although I have volunteered with a handful of non-profits around Curitiba in the past four months, Casa da Videira has been one of the most fantastic! By outline, they are an urban agriculture project. However, with strawberries hanging from buckets, guinea pigs as lawn mowers, research on innovative goat food, and a preservation project of five different types of potatoes, the […]

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