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She doesn’t hate me yet (or so she says)

The following is a blog written by Thilini Weerakkody and Sophie Nachman

Traveling together is an intense way to get to know each other, to say the least. We’ve made it work by learning each other’s strengths and anxieties.

Being the analytical people we are, we decided to organize our observations.



“Wow Sophie, slow down. It’s going to be okay,” I assured. “Yeah, yeah no. You’re right, you’re right” she replied sounding rather frantic. Her eyes darted side to side as we quickly walked down the street. It was 8:30pm. The sun was setting and the elderly population of Aggtelet, Hungary had long retired from their garden work. Right then, I felt calm and safe, but Sophie didn’t. I wasn’t sure how to help.

“Hey, what’s up? We’re okay here.” I said slowly, uncertain if this was the correct approach. “Yeah, I know. I just really want to get home before dark” Sophie agreed, […]

Harvesting the Famous Fog

The following post was written by Sophie Nachman. 

I didn’t leave my house Sunday. Between making muffins, eating meals, and doing dishes, I spent my day sitting on the terrace writing in my journal. I was too sore to do anything else. The ache in my everywhere was a lovely reminder of the joys of the weekend – a weekend too exciting not to share.

On Thursday, after stopping in the souk for fried fish and tagine, our lovely group set off from the Dar Si Hmad headquarters in Agadir for Sidi Ifni, a small city about three hours south. The group consisted of twelve visiting American university students, two Moroccan university students serving as language partners, some of our fearless leaders at Dar Si Hmad, and me, the tagalong intern. The students and I crowded into a small bus while Jamila, Maisie, and our other leaders took a separate car. After […]

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Four Months in Morocco

My stifled laugh only resulted in a loud snort, and a hot wave of embarrassment rushed to my cheeks. I glanced around the office to make sure nobody had noticed before returning to poorly stifling my giggles at an inexplicably hilarious meme. Last night it was quiet at the office. It was the kind of Monday where most people barely trudge through the day then tuck in early to build stamina for the rest of the week. That generally means I’m not needed and can afford to waste time laughing at memes. The recent development of my meme obsession is somewhat of an inside joke between myself and Joanna, my boss. It began with her infatuation with cats, which translated directly to a love of Grumpy Cat memes, which has since extended to funny animal memes in general. The development from a single, tentative, meme printout, to poorly stifled […]

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The following post was written by Gap Year Fellow Sophie Nachman.

Friday night we all gathered in Richard’s living room for dinner. Richard, director of the Campus Y, oversees the Global Gap Year Fellowship with Sarah Smith, the GGYF director. There were about 16 of us: six of us fellows, and the rest a mélange of people from the Campus Y and other UNC programs, here to tell us stories and share their support for us over the next five years.

It was cozy. Belle the dog with her droopy eyes and soft ears kept padding around the room looking for bits of baklava, rice, and chicken kabob that may have escaped our plates. After some laugher and lots of wide-eyed stares from me and my friends, Richard reminded us, as he likes to do, that our gap year experience will be “a wave.” What he meant is that there will highs […]