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Comfortable In Your Own Skin

The following post was written by Anna Bennett. 

In a few words, Myanmar is almost exactly what I asked for. I wanted to go to one place for six to seven months of my gap year—a place that is considered underdeveloped, a place where I could be completely immersed in the culture, a culture significantly different from my own, and a place where not many people can speak English. It’s a country that just opened its borders about 6 years ago and began implementing some democratic strategies just months before my arrival. The place I found is an orphanage with about 60 children who don’t speak English, located on the outskirts of the Yangon region.

I was permitted to live inside the orphanage, everything free with a room and bathroom to myself. I left my orphanage for one week to visit a small town in the north called Kalaymyo where I stayed […]

By |April 12th, 2017|Gappers in the Field|

More Than Just a Kodak Moment

The following post was written by Anna Bennett.

From the beginning my mother never liked the idea of me travelling to Madagascar. I didn’t know anyone there, didn’t know what I was going to be doing, and picked out my hostel at the last minute. It was a complete, all-in adventure. She was relieved when I told her fellow Gapper MaryBeth decided to join me a few weeks before leaving. Like El Salvador, I wanted to create a life in the area rather than try to visit every possible tourist attraction. At the hostel we stayed in we met many foreign travelers who were confused as to why we were staying in Antananarivo for four weeks. Somehow they felt they “could barely last two days in this boring city.” So far, we were having a great time making friends and tagging along for typical Malagasy activities.

“Be careful” they said. “Don’t […]

By |January 25th, 2017|Gappers in the Field|